Activities at GSB Mandal Dombivli

GSB Mandal, Dombivli ("Mandal"), has been a beacon of unity and service since its establishment in 1979. Our unwavering vision revolves around uniting the GSB community, nurturing a strong sense of brotherhood, and extending crucial support to all our members. Guided by this vision, we passionately engage in a diverse range of activities, spanning religious, educational, healthcare, financial aid, sports, and cultural initiatives. Our commitment to uplifting our community and creating a positive impact in every aspect of their lives remains at the heart of all our endeavors. Through collaborative efforts and dedication, we continue to strengthen the bonds of our community and contribute to its holistic growth and well-being.

"Uniting Hearts, Enriching Lives: Building a Stronger Community Together."

Key Activities

Ram Navami at GSB Mandal
Shree Rama Navami Celebrations

Bhagwan Shree Rama holds a significant place as the presiding deity of our Mandal. For the past two decades, we have joyously celebrated Shree Rama Navami under the auspices of our Mandal. In earlier times, the event was lovingly managed by Shri Prabhu of M/s Kamath Bandhu stores.

Sharada Puja at GSB Mandal
Shree Sharada Pooja

Sharada Pooja celebrations start on the 5th day of Navratri and end on Vijayadashami. We have been celebrating this auspicious event since 1999.

Sharada Puja at GSB Mandal
Shree Satyanarayana Mahapooja

Initially, Shree Satyanarayan Mahapooja was performed on the first Sunday of Navratri. Presently, Satyanarayan Pooja takes place either on a Sunday or on Dassera day, in conjunction with the observance of Sharada Pooja.

Maghi Ganapati Utsav at GSB Mandal
Maghi Ganapati Utsav

Since 2009, we joyfully celebrate Maghi Ganapati Utsav on Shree Ganesh Jayanti in the month of Magh.

Saturday Bhajan at GSB Mandal

Every Saturday, from 8.30 pm to 10 pm, Bhajan Seva is held at the Ground Floor of GSB Mandal School premises.

Vyasopasana at GSB Mandal

Vyasopasana is regularly conducted every weekend at GSB School premises.

Educational Assistance at GSB Mandal
Educational Assistance

Our Mandal is dedicated to providing educational assistance to financially needy students from our Samaj in and around Kalyan & Dombivli. We have expanded our assistance by distributing free notebooks, textbooks, and uniforms.

Cultural Activity at GSB Mandal
Cultural Events

We host annual cultural programs and award prizes to competition winners, creating a joyous and celebratory atmosphere.

Cultural Activity at GSB Mandal
Inter-GSB Cricket Tournament

Every year, we host an inter-GSB cricket tournament for both men and women, inviting all our Samaj Bandhavas. This event fosters a sporty and inclusive environment, bringing our community members together in the spirit of friendly competition and camaraderie.

Gaujee at GSB Mandal
Gaujee - Annual Sports Event

Every year, we host a sports event, inviting all our Samaj Bandhavas to participate. Since 2023, this annual event has been celebrated with a special name "Gaujee," creating a unique sense of togetherness and joy. It's a wonderful occasion that brings our community together, fostering unity and a strong sense of fellowship through sports and celebration.

Apart from the major religious celebrations mentioned above, our Mandal also observes various other auspicious occasions. These include Samsar Padva, Hanuman Jayanti, Narasimha Jayanti, Ashada Ekadashi, Vara Mahalaxmi Pooja, Samoohik Chudi Pooja, and Satyanarayan Pooja during the holy month of Shravana. Additionally, we commemorate Righupakarma, Gokul Ashtami, Kartik Ekadashi along with Ekka Bhajan, Paschim Jagrana, Tulsi Pooja, Haldi Kumkum on Makar Sankranti, and Maha Shivrathri. These festivities further enhance the spiritual richness and cultural diversity of our community, bringing us all closer together in celebration and devotion.

In addition to the mentioned activities, we actively engage in various social initiatives that make a positive impact on our community. These include conducting health camps, organizing senior citizen picnics, providing assistance during natural disasters, offering care for the elderly, and extending support for performing last rites, among others. Our commitment to social welfare and compassionate outreach reflects our deep sense of responsibility and care towards our community members, ensuring their well-being and support in times of need.

GSB Educational Trust is an integral part of GSB Mandal, and it oversees the management and complete functioning of the Sitaram A Pai Memorial School. We take great pride in providing quality education and nurturing the growth of young minds through our school.