New Site for Building School

GSB Mandal School Project

GSB Mandal is wholeheartedly dedicated to its ambitious project of constructing a new school to accommodate the growing number of children in our existing school while providing them with state-of-the-art facilities. As we progress steadily, we are committed to overcoming various challenges that arise along the way.

Currently, we are actively evaluating multiple potential sites for the school building, ensuring we select the most appropriate one. This involves navigating through approval processes, adhering to RTI protocols, and diligently resolving any land disputes to secure the right property for our vision.

We recognize that such a significant undertaking requires substantial efforts and funding. To meet this need, we have been diligently accumulating funds and receiving generous support from our beloved community members through the building fund donations. Your contributions make all the difference in this endeavor.

Throughout this journey, we have been incredibly grateful for the unwavering support of our members and volunteers. Their invaluable contacts and diligent compliance checks have been instrumental in advancing our mission.

With the help of our dedicated members and volunteers, we are making substantial progress toward our goal, and we are optimistic about achieving it soon. If you share our vision and wish to be part of this meaningful mission, we warmly invite you to get in touch with us for further details.

"Together, we can build a bright future for the children in our society."

Community Center / Hall

GSB Mandal Community Hall Project

Currently, we are utilizing the ground floor of our school premises as a community center/hall for small events. However, for larger events, we need to rent banquet halls or grounds, depending on the scale of the occasion. Our vision, collectively envisioned by all members, is to construct our very own community hall. This would not only serve as a space for Mandal's activities but also be available to our members for their personal events at a reasonable price.

Having our own community hall would grant us the freedom to manage events in a way that aligns with our values and preferences. It would significantly reduce our dependency on external venues and ensure greater availability for our needs. Moreover, it would offer invaluable support to our members, enhancing their event experiences.

Although we have been dedicatedly working towards this goal for some time, we have faced challenges in materializing it as we had hoped. Nevertheless, we continue to persevere in pursuing this dream alongside our other infrastructure projects, including the school.

With unwavering determination, we aim to overcome all obstacles and realize our goal of having our own community hall at the earliest opportunity. We believe that with the support of our members and volunteers, we can make this vision a reality and further strengthen our community's bonds.

"Builing our own community place to gather and celebrate."